Poet Anderson


Has anyone here heard of a little band called Blink-182? You might have come across them once or twice. Well the American Pop-Punk trio recently revealed that one third of their band is leaving. That’s right; Tom DeLonge has left Blink-182. Sad times!

Don’t think that’s the last you’ll hear from him though, because now we’re getting to the nerdy news – Tom has written a comic! With a little help from writer Ben Kull, bundled with the artistic talents of Djet Stephane, DeLonge’s comic book debut will hit shelves in March later this year.

The three issue series, titled Poet Anderson, is the prelude to an animated short film with the same name. The movie, produced by DeLonge, was released in December alongside Angels and Airwaves’ album; The Dream Walker. The album served as a concept soundtrack, exploring the Poet Anderson universe, as well as the idea of Lucid Dreaming.

Check out the synopsis below:

Jonas Anderson is a typical slacker teen following in the footsteps of his aimless older brother, Alan. When the boys stumble on a secret technique for lucid dreaming, they find themselves in wild world full of fantastic possibility – and hidden dangers. Created by Tom DeLonge, founder and frontman of the bands Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves, this fantastic adventure traces the origin of the mysterious guardian Dream Walker known only in whispered circles as Poet.

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