Five Favourite Funko Collections

I post about Pop! Vinyls all the time because they’re ridiculously adorable and everybody loves them, but I’m sad to say that I actually only have one to my name – Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

I could see myself spending a small fortune on a wall of Pop! Vinyls, but have decided to be sensible and keep well away from a potential Funko collecting addiction – for the time being.

That being said, there are a few fandom characters that I feel could only improve my existence if they were in vinyl form, but seen as there are currently no Scott Pilgrim or IT Crowd Pops available, these five collections will have to do as my favourites:

1. How to train you dragon
The storyline was great and the animation was incredible, but when they transformed toothless into Vinyl, they outdid themselves. The already cute dragon looks even more adorable in plastic. I would love a little collection of all of the HTTYD dragons – Toothless, Stormfly, Hookfang, Barf & Belch. I just hope they decide to make a Meatlug as well.

2. Beauty and the beast

I seem to gravitate towards the cutest Pop! Vinys, and in my opinion, that has to include the characters from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs Potts & Chip are hands down my favourite Disney Pops. There’s just something I love about inanimate objects with the smiliest of faces.

3. Supernatural

Supernatural is one of my favourite fandoms. I seem to have a better connection with Dean and Sam than any other character in a Television show. I think it’s because I’ve been with them from the very beginning. When I first saw their Pop! Vinyl faces, I had to stop myself from ordering them then and there. Then I saw a vinyl Castiel and went weak at the knees. As you can imagine, these guys are now a top priority.

4. Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters Pop! Vinyls are hella cute, and pay a nice tribute to the late Harold Ramis.. but you would need all four of them to prevent them from looking disgustingly lonely and very un-ghostbustery like. Then Funko brought out a Pop! Vinyl version of the Ecto-1 – what are you doing to me guys!!!?? There goes the money I was going to spend on eating this month.

5. Rainbow Batman

I am a HUGE Batman fan. He is my favourite superhero / vigilante, next to Batgirl, so it’s only apt that I get my hands on a Batman Pop! Vinyl at some point. My only issue is.. Which one? There are so many versions available – Arkham Asylum, 1966, and if I didn’t already have enough trouble choosing, Funko have literally just released the Rainbow Batman Collection. Looks like I’m going to be getting six different coloured Batmen.

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