The 100 Review

There are two types of TV show watchers in this world – those who wait eagerly, week after week, for a new episode of their favourite series to get released; and those who don’t, who instead, chose to binge watch a whole season in one sitting. I come under the latter category.

As you can imagine, Netflix is my version of heaven. I’m slowly working my way through every series in existence, and usually end up watching at least 4 seasons of some show or another throughout the space of a week. Sometimes the series is terrible, and as much as it kills me, I can’t finish it *cough* Farscape *cough*, but more often than not I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

This week I gave the first season of ‘The 100’ a go, and I’m still a bit undecided as to whether it’s a winner or not. It’s a relatively new series, set in a Post-Apocalyptic world, revolving around the lives of 100 teenagers – well, the lives of around 10 teenagers and 90 expendable background characters.

Picture if you will the animated movie Wall-E – human kind have destroyed the planet to the point of inhabitability, so they float off in a fancy space craft until it’s safe to return. The 100 basically has the same underlying story, except their fancy space craft isn’t so fancy, and is actually failing them.

This is when they decide to send 100 juveniles down to Earth to check out radiation levels etc., without actually telling them that’s what they’re doing. Oh, and did I mention these juveniles were all convicts on the ship? Yeah, so rather than send down a group of adult volunteers, who each have a handy skillset they can offer up, they send 100 sixteen/seventeen year old prisoners, with raging hormones and little common sense.

The 100

Apart from that initially frustrating storyline set-up, it’s actually a pretty enjoyable show. I’d describe it as a Hunger Games / Lost hybrid with a little bit of teenage drama thrown in. The survivalist storyline is an instant hit in my opinion, and there was enough action to hold my intrigue all the way through the season, plus visually, it’s a stunning series; scenic landscapes, mixed in with a few space scenes – what’s not to like.

The only area that let it down was the character selection. Don’t get me wrong, most of the main cast are interesting enough – bad boy Bellamy Blake and his sister Octavia stand out as my favourites, and I love the adults left on the ship (I forgot to mention that a few of the scenes take us back to space to see how all the parents are getting on), but the one character you spend most time with; Clarke Griffin, turned out to be the least likable.

I think a little more time spent on character development, and a little less time spent on confusing love triangles, will turn this into a much more watchable show, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the next season takes us – without giving too much away, season one ended on a pretty unexpected cliff-hanger.

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