Geek Picks of the Week

Check out the Nerdy Ninja Platypus wish list for this week. There are so many awesome new nerdy products out – are any of these on your wish list?

5. Pixel Moss T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love the IT Crowd? That was a rhetorical question, because EVERYONE loves the IT crowd. I’m continuously disappointed at the lack of merchandise available for that show, so was in complete awe when I saw this fantastic T-Shirt on the Geek La Chic website. Covered in little pixilated versions of Moss; everyone’s favourite nerd, this £24.99 pink tee is a must for fans of the series.

4. Deathly Cosmos Necklace

I have a slight obsession with jewellery, and when I say slight, I mean I have about 50 different bracelets, and at least 30 necklaces that I wear regularly. I’m not sure where my need for shiny accessories originated, but it‘s products like this that keep it going. I’m absolutely mesmerised by how gorgeous this is – a stunning galaxy like gem in the centre of the Deathly Hallows symbol. That’s two of my nerdy obsessions rolled into one! And it’s only £8 from Empty Casket.

3. Sailor Moon Eyeliner

One for the girls – Japanese Cosmetics Company, Creer Beaute, has created a make-up range called Miracle Romance, based on the anime Sailor Moon. The collection currently includes products such as mascara and lip gloss, as well as a perfume. They’ve now added eyeliner to the mix, and it looks adorable. There are two styles available; both accompanied by a lid based on the wand Sailor Moon carries around with her. At 1,728 yen each, which is about £9.50, they are a bargain.

2. Trigger Warning

Neil Gaiman has just released a collection of short fiction stories in his latest hardback; Trigger Warning, and I need to get my hands on it. Featuring a fiftieth anniversary special based on Doctor Who, and a story from his American Gods series, it’s a must have for Gaiman fans. Being a huge fan myself, I’ve been anticipating Trigger Warning’s release for some time now and can’t wait to read it. You can pick it up for £16.99 from Forbidden Planet.

1. Crowley Pop! Vinyl

One of my favourite characters in the Supernatural series – heck, in any television series, is the King of Hell himself; Crowley. He’s charming, sassy, easy on the eye, and British – what’s not to love. When Funko initially released their Pop! Vinyl collection of Supernatural characters, I was disappointed he wasn’t present. But have no fear, a cute chibli Crowley has been created, and he even comes with a whiskey glass in hand. You can get him for £8.79 from Amazon.. I need this guy on my shelf otherwise I dread to think what will happen!

“Breaking News – girl attempts to steal actor Mark Shepherd, who plays Crowley in TV series Supernatural, at Comic Con earlier this year”

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