Five Characters I would name my kids after

I’m pretty sure most of us have a list of favourite names stored in the back of our heads, right? – A name you want to call your future child, your new pet, or even your World of Warcraft character.


I’m nowhere near wanting to have kids right now, but I must admit, I too have a little list of names locked away in my noggin – I kind of figure I need some spares, just in case I’m in need of a change of identity, or I decide to become a man.


Naturally, mine are all names borrowed from some of my favourite geeky characters. Here are a few of my favourites for boys and girls.




1. Emmett

Better known as Doctor Brown, from the Back to the Future trilogy. I love this name – it rolls off the tongue so nicely. Plus, it’s already so similar to my name – Emma.


2. Grayson

Dick Grayson was my favourite Robin in the Batman series. Dick is probably a little inappropriate a name in this day and age however.


3. Archimedes

This name is most associated with an incredibly famous Greek scientist/astronomer, but to me Archimedes is the Owl in The Sword in the Stone, and that’s why I love it.



1. Quinn

I love Harley Quinn, from the DC universe, but Harley sounds like such a masculine name to me. Quinn has a much nicer ring to it, even if I do associate it with Detective Quinn from Dexter – he’s a man.


2. Gwen

A name given to two favourite female characters of mine – Gwen Stacey from Marvels Spider-Man series, and Gwen (Guinevere) from the King Arthur/Merlin mythology.


3. Arwen

Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is riddled with beautiful names, but Arwen is definitely one of my favourites. I like them short and sweet.




4. Ripley

Special mention needs to go to the name Ripley. It’s my favourite unisex name.

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