Geek Picks of the Week

Check out the Nerdy Ninja Platypus wish list for this week. There are so many awesome new nerdy products released daily, I’d never be able to show you everything; so here are my absolute favourites. Are any of these on your wish list?

5. Book Bag

Do you remember those glorious Book Bags we used to have in pre-school? A bag whose sole purpose was to carry the books you picked from the library (and a few stickers and fluff). Being a bibliophile, I find myself carrying at least 3 books around with me everywhere I go. How handy would a book bag be now right? Well Think Geek have taken ‘Book Bag’ literally and created what I can only describe as Heaven – a bag, shaped like a book, that you can use as a bag, to carry books. I need it in my life.

4. 8 bit Superhero Bedding

I seem to use the same two duvet covers over and over, to the point that going to bed is just boring. My mattress needs excitement. It needs colour. It needs superheroes.. This Pixelated Superhero bedding from Society6 seems to be exactly what I need. It’s fun, bright, nerdy, and oh so organised. It would definitely comply with my selective OCD.

3. Pokémon keyboard

I recently bought the most beautiful laptop in the world – a brand new Alienware. The LED lights make it extra lovely, but I can’t help but think that it’s seriously lacking in the Pokemon department. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it has something to do with finding these awesome Keyboard Decals for £10.44 on Etsy, and really really really wanting them. Each letter on the keyboard has an associated Pokemon to go with it; C for Charmander, P for Pikachu. It looks so much fun

2. Ice King Cap

I love hats. Beanies, berets, caps.. ALL THE HATS! This Adventure Time cap is like a hat within a hat. It looks like you’re wearing a crown, without actually wearing a crown. Not that there’s anything wrong with wearing a crown. You might just get some odd looks. Damn I want a crown now. Anyway, you can pick this Ice King cap up from Forbidden Planet for £14.99. There’s even a little picture of the king himself under the beak. 

1. Dinosaur Jewellery Rack

I’m a huge fan of organisation, and I have loads of necklaces.. Literally hundreds, so I’d been thinking about getting some sort of jewellry rack for a while now. This particular one from Etsy is perfect. It’s covered in different dinosaurs, all the colours of the rainbow. It would be an amazing addition to my room. The rack is just under £30, which is quite steep, but it would be such a mission to make yourself that it’s so worth it.

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