Batgirl Everyday Cosplay

  Last week I showed you my everyday version of Spider-Gwen’s costume, so today I’m going to be looking at another bad ass female character – Batgirl. Barbara Gordon, Batgirl’s alter-ego, has been around for just under fifty years. She has worn a number of outfits throughout time, but her current costume is by far my favourite. Designed by Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart, their modern take on the superheroine’s ensemble is inspiring.


Check out my Everyday Cosplay version below:

Batgirls Everyday cosplay is made up of a purple leather jacket from Mytheresa, and jeans from New Look – I just had to add a generic Bat Man t-shirt, even if you won’t see it under the jacket. I’ve given her yellow Dr. Martens, a yellow belt from Yoox, and a yellow satchel from Oxbridge Satchels. Finally, because a girl can’t leave home without protection, I’ve added some Batarang earrings from FoxyFunk on Etsy.

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