A’Tuin Cake

Terry Pratchett has left quite a huge hole in the hearts of everyone who has ever read one of his books. The man had an incredible knack for storytelling and his words will be sorely missed by thousands.

His books have inspired so many people, and were the inspiration of so many things, including movies, songs, and amazing works of art, not just limited to paper and canvas..


Art2Eat Cakes have taken inspiration from one of Pratchett’s most beloved fictional series, Discworld, and have created a cake based on A’Tuin, the giant turtle who floats through space with four huge elephants on his back, balancing the world itself.


The cake sounds delicious; Chocolate Mint sponge filled with cookie crumb, and chocolate buttercream – but it’s the icing covering the outside that intrigues me most of all.


The delicate disked world is covered with gelatine waterfalls, and colourful rainbows made of gum paste. The elephants are adorable, perched atop the turtle’s shell, but it’s A’Tuin who is most impressive. He is insanely detailed, I would be scared to eat him.. He looks so real.


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