Punky Pins’ Harry Potter Collection


Accessory company Punky Pins have just released a brand new jewellery line based on everyone’s favourite boy wizard, Harry Potter.. and it is glorious! I literally want everything. The collection includes necklaces, earrings, and a rather fabulous charm bracelet which I’ve already put in my online basket.

There are an array of pendants available, from a Deathly Hallows symbol, to a ‘Mischief Managed’ sign; each engraved onto sanded birch plywood. The earrings are attached to silver plated studs, and cost a mere £4.50. The necklaces include a silver plated chain and come in at £6.

I’ve ordered a couple of Punky Pins necklaces in the past, and each chain has been nice and long. They have also kept their silver colour so far – I generally find that silver plated chains rust pretty quickly, but then, I do sometimes wear them in the shower which probably contributes, but shh..

Special mention has to go to the bracelet, which stands out over everything else in the collection. It’s made up of 10 little charms, which in my opinion, define the Harry Potter franchise: a Stag, the Golden Snitch, the Sorting Hat, Platform 9 ¾, a Lightning Bolt, the Deathly Hallows Symbol, Glasses, a Doe, the Dark Mark, and finally ‘Always’.

It’s £10 on their site, but if you live in the UK, and order before 31.03.15, the postage and packaging is free. Plus, you get an adorable Unicorn necklace thrown in for nothing. Wahey!




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