Geek Picks of the Week

Check out the Nerdy Ninja Platypus wish list for this week. There are so many awesome new geeky products released daily, I’d never be able to list everything, so I’ve picked my absolute favourites to show you. Will you be adding any of these on your wish list?

5. Tetris Cushions


I hold a special place in my heart for Tetris. It was one of the first games I played as a kid, so there is a nostalgic factor; it also appeals to my OCD side, and is such a satisfying game. It has helped me a lot in life too, giving me mad packing skills when it comes to placing things in shopping trollies, car boots, or on bookshelves. For these reasons, I’m in love with these Tetris Cushions from Think Geek. They’re bloody expensive, at $99.99 a set, but there are five different shapes, and they’re all pretty big – perfect for building a fort.


4. Where’s the Zombie?


As a lifelong Where’s Wally fan, this zombie equivalent looks fricking awesome! Instead of hunting Wally and his stripy gang, you need to search for a family of zombies. Hours of entertainment right there! There are 48 pages worth of illustrations for you practice your apocalyptic zombie hunting skills on, and the hardcover is only £9.99 from Amazon.

3. Batman Silhouette Tights


Tights can be pretty boring. You have nude, barely nude, and black – well those are the tights I’m used to anyway. Thanks to Hot topic, I know I’ve been missing out, because they’re just released Batman Tights. Yeah, you heard me. I’m not talking batman’s logo covering your legs, I mean literal batman. His cowl, on your thighs. They’re sexy and geeky at the same time, and are only $11.60 from the HT website. I need these in my life.

2. Hawkeye vs Deadpool


I try to pick up a few Graphic Novels each month, and this week see’s the release of Gerry Duggan’s Hawkeye vs Deadpool. You can get the volume, which collects issues 0-4, in shiny paperback form from Amazon. It follows the two aforementioned heroes/antiheroes, who team up on Halloween to take down a load of bad guys; but these bad guys are dressed as good guys, so it all gets a little confusing. Plus, Deadpool and Hawkeye don’t really see eye to eye at the best of times. The comic looks like it’ll be a fun read.

1. Lil’ Gotham Harley Quinn Action Figure


I’ve had my eyes on the Lil Gotham toys for a while now, eagerly awaiting their release. Now they’re here, I’m having difficulty deciding which one to get. The collection includes Harley, Joker, Batman, and Robin, but at only £9.95 each from Star Action Figures, I guess I could get all four. They’re all absolutely adorable, but Harley Quinn has got to be my favourite. She comes with the tiniest little Joker doll, and her own baby Hyena – ALL the cute!

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