Trailer Park Boys (Season 9) Review

Trailer Park Boys is my ultimate guilty pleasure. What can only be described as a ‘Mockumentary’, this bizarre comedy won’t be like anything you’ve seen before. The show is set in a Canadian trailer park called Sunnyvale, and focuses on three weed growing, alcohol consuming friends; Ricky, Julian and Bubbles. It sounds like the plot for some generic coming of age movie, but that couldn’t be further from reality. It’s insanely entertaining, hilarious, and at times, brilliant.

This week, Season 9 was released on Netflix, so naturally I had to spend a day catching up with the boys. Every season follows a similar format; Julian, Ricky and Bubbles start off with good intentions, coming up with ideas to improve their lives and get rich quick, but due to their relatively low morals this usually involves breaking the law somehow. They then come across various obstacles, are generally provoked by antagonist Mr.Leahy, and end up going to prison.


Season 9 follows this theme pretty perfectly. It begins with Ricky and Julian returning to the Trailer Park after a stint in prison, with new ideas in their heads, and a spring in their steps, to find that Lahey, and trailer park owner Barb, have hired an ex-militant to protect the park from miscreants. They have completely banned alcohol, drugs.. and Ricky. So Ricky has to find a new place for his family to live, whilst trying to make money to help out his daughter and her new born. Julian has to figure out how to become sole owner of the Trailer Park on his own, and Bubbles has to try and cope with neither of his friends being around all that much, whilst still being their constant scape goat.

You’d think that the show would become predictable because it always focuses on similar things, but they always manage to find a way to make the seasons flow together, without repeating storylines – It’s amazing how many different schemes these guys come up with. 


The main reason this show works however, is down to its character development. I sometimes feel like I know more about these characters than I do my friends. All of them are petty criminals after an easy life and a quick buck, yet I continuously find myself routing for them, even when I know they’re in the wrong.

They are just so likable, whether that’s Ricky with his complete devotion to his family, and his mispronunciation of everything, Julian with his protective demeanour, or endearing Bubbles with his all-round adorkableness; each one of them incredibly loyal to the other. I even have a soft spot for their alcoholic nemesis Lahey, and his colleague/occasional lover Randy, who follows him around like Mutly does Dastardly.

Season 9 wasn’t necesserily my favourite, but it does do the show justice. I never find myself favouring specific episodes, more the moments within them. For example, there’s a particularly funny scene where Bubbles tries to explain to Ricky that his goldfish ‘Orangie’ has died. Ricky just doesn’t get it, then when it starts to twig that Orangie has passed on, Bubbles feels guilty and starts spinning this elabrorate tale about the space time continuum, which Ricky of course laps up. I can’t wait to see the next season. I always look farward to seeing what direction the show will take next.

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