Image of the day | Welcome Vision

 Marvel has finally revealed a full character poster of Vision from their upcoming movie Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Up until now, we’ve only seen glimpses of the character because Marvel have wanted to keep details about him tightly under wraps. I feel like I’ve been waiting years to see Paul Bettany as the Vision. 


In the comics, Ultron creates the android to help him destroy the Avengers, so I can only presume that the movie will take a similar route – but what’s with the costume? It’s so.. Pink! Not that I don’t like pink. I’m just used to the Vision being a gloriously bright shade of red, contained in a suit of green and yellow. 


I get that they want to make him look a little more contemporary, but did they really have to make him pink. It just looks like Paul Bettany has really bad sunburn. I love that you can tell it’s Bettany though. There really is no mistaking that distinctively handsome face of his. I can’t wait to see him in action. 



2 thoughts on “Image of the day | Welcome Vision

    • Totally agree. Paul Bettany is a brilliant actor, so I just know he’ll do Vision justice. Definitely looking forward to seeing Scarlet Witch on screen too

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