Baymax Plays Dress-Up

I finally watched Big Hero 6 the other day, and instantly fell in love with Baymax. I don’t think there is anything more adorable than that innocent giant white blob, and I can’t express how much I want him in my life. Well I could, but it would involve my arms stretching out way further than they can reach.

To cope with the fact that he’s stuck in an animated world and I’m stuck ..well here, I’ve resorted to scouring the internet for cute fan art, and have come across the best yet – Baymax dressed as other Disney characters. I mean, the idea of Baymax dressed in anything is adorable, but when he cosplays as Buzz Lightyear or Boo from Monsters Inc.. my mind is pretty much blown.

The culprit behind my now splattered brain is artist Demetria Skye Logan, or DeeeSkye as she’s known on Deviant Art. By using markers and her pretty awesome imagination, she’s managed to define cute way better than the dictionary ever could. Check out my favourites below.

e4678d88c2165f4e71a4d6c0fefeb6b2-d8bgnqb e8da1837c2350a8916e5fc3f43d1b08a-d8m64cz baymax_the_cowgirl_by_deeeskye-d8p1dc7 8e3ba4f2f45eb61dc279e252db120dec-d847xy70b1755a2152cb9d29da3fd59509961a2-d8ai6dh 4d02e004bb6bc511df494c4c62242075-d84nj4kbaymax_and_jasmine_by_deeeskye-d8jbd6r

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