I am Groot-licious

Occasionally I’ll come across something that stuns me in my tracks. Something that makes me stare in awe for 10 minutes non stop. This is that something.

Baby Groot was in Guardians of the Galaxy for all of five minutes, yet absolutely owns the most memorable scene in the movie. His little dance routine at ths end of the flick took everyone by shock because no one was expecting it.. Plus he was just so damn cute that it hurt.

Now a Baby Groot obsession is forming, and Funko have been leading the way with their adorable Chibli stylised Pop! vinyl of the character. Baker Allia M. Ortiz from Layers by Aliki has taken the cutest toy alive, and transformed it into this impressive cake.

They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but in this case I disagree. This giant Baby Groot looks more impressive than delicious, and I can’t even comprehend how someone would go about creating it. It is unbelievably accurate, detalied and edible. Check out Allia’s Facebook page for more photos.


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