10 Devilish Gifts Every Daredevil Fan Needs In Their Life

I’ve spent the last few days binging my way through Marvels new series; Daredevil, and I’m actually a little worried that I have an addiction. I was not expecting to love the show as much as I did, it was immensely gripping, super dark, and all the characters were absolutely perfect.. But more about that some other time because right now I want to show you my Daredevil picks of the week from Etsy. Etsy is an amazing place to find unique, one of a kind pop culture products that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. I pretty much want everything on there, but these are my favourites:

Daredevil Heart Pendant by KippleAndPelf

Daredevil Minifig Necklace by ticklesbytaylor

Daredevil Tie by SuchNeatStuff

Nelson & Murdock T-Shirt by TrendingShirts

Battlin’ jack T-Shirt by TrendingShirts

Daredevil Converse by FeslegenDesign

Daredevil Munny by DreamitReal

Daredevil Print by TheHappyWallCo

Daredevil light Switch by SuperFunGifts

Daredevil Coasters by JudsonPress

Replica Billy Club by hardtofindcomics

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