Ursula And Eric Everyday Cosplay

Disney is adapting the Little Mermaid’s tale for the big screen yet again, only this time it won’t be animated, so I’m über excited to see how they’ll portray the characters costumes. Last week I showed you guys an Everyday Cosplay outfit I created for Ariel, so this week I made one for her nemesis Ursula, and her Prince, Eric. Everyday Cosplay means you can steal a characters style, without looking too out of place in the real world.

Check them out below:

Ursula’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of a black strapless dress from Superdry, a lilac jacket from New Look, and some purple Dr. martens. Because Ursula’s hair is White, I added a white bow from Claire’s. I also added replicas of her shell necklace and purple shell earrings, both from Etsy. Finally, I found an awesome gold bracelet from Open Sky that looks just like one of Ursula’s tentacles.

Prince Eric’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of a blue skirt from Zalando, a white crop top from Amazon, and a black cardigan from Oasis. The black boots are from Shuch, and the red belt is from Yoox. Prince Eric is a mariner, so I added this steering wheel necklace from Etsy. I also added a roped bracelet from Kiel James Patrick, who specialise in cute Nautical jewellery. 

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