Leggings Are Coming To Teefury

Leggings are one of my favourite pieces of clothing to wear. They look awesome, they’re super comfy – even when you’re having one of those annoying girly ‘nothing fits me’ days, and there are so many different designs available; you could never get bored.

I tend to gravitate towards particular brands when it comes to buying leggings because I like mine brightly coloured, and nerdy. I also like a decent quality – not those horrible thin ones that people can see your pants through. Black Milk Clothing and Poprageous are currently two of my favourite stores to buy leggings from, but I think I will be adding one more shop to that list; Teefury.

Teefury are known for selling one of a kind, geeky tshirts on their site, but have recently branched out into the legging department. They have limited designs available at the moment, but what they do have is extraordinary. Out of the six different available pairs, I would seriously consider purchasing all of them.

The prints available include Pokemon, Harry Potter Spells, Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, and the most adorable Doctor Who design I’ve ever seen. Each pair is only $35, which is a very reasonable price compared to most other online stores – though as a new brand, I cannot vouch for their quality.

My absolutely favourite pair are the Pokemon leggings ‘In the Tall Grass’ which are covered with grass type Pokemon – though I’m a poke addict so probably a tad biased. I also really like the look of the Sailor Moon leggings which are incredibly vibrant and super girly.



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