Five Binge-Worthy Shows

I’d definitely label myself a serial binger. Discovering Netflix was probably one of the best worst things to ever happen to me because it consumes so much of my time. I don’t think a week goes by these days that I’m not binging my way through some new series or another. Because of this, a binge ‘worthy’ show, in my opinion, needs to be one that I can watch over and over again.


Sam and Dean are my boys. They are both charming, funny, adorable and badass, so basically my perfect guy – well apart from when they’re possessed by self-righteous Angels or blood thirsty Demons, and even then they’re still pretty awesome. I have my favourite seasons like I’m sure everyone does, but generally this show is consistently good. It’s my go to series to watch before bed (yes, I’m one of THOSE people who can’t fall asleep without background sound).



This show is the cutest. I have always had the biggest crush on Chuck because he tries so hard at everything, and is so lovely to everyone, yet nothing seems to work out for him, even when he has the intersect in his head. Zachary Levi is also just a little bit lovely don’t you think, so I guess that helps too. The show definitely loses its spark towards the end of the series, but it doesn’t seem to lose its charm – I still find all the jokes funny, even though I’ve heard them hundreds of times.

Trailer park Boys


TPB’s is my ultimate guilty pleasure. When I first started watching the show I prepared myself for a total car crash of a series, but it is truly brilliant – who would have thought a ‘mockumentary’ about boozy trailer trash would be so genius. The characters are what makes this show amazing, and the reason I love it so much; I can watch them all for days and never get bored of their hijinks.

10th Kingdom


Way before the Once Upon A Time series, there was the 10th Kingdom. I’m sad to say that very few people remember this show, but I will never forget it. It was probably the first series I ever binge watched in one sitting. I remember being given the boxset for a birthday and watching it over and over until I started to dream about it. It was the most magical thing I’d ever seen and I still pull it out every now and then if I need a little rest from the real world.



I had to add one quintessentially British show to my list, and after contemplating Red Dwarf and Black Books, I settled on Spaced. I will always be a lifelong fan of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and  Edgar Wright; and this series is the reason why. They are literally the perfect team. Spaced is proof of that. I love the comedy, I love the chemistry, and I love love love how nerdy it all is. Plus, it inspired Pegg to come up with Shaun of the Dead – major bonus points there!

15 thoughts on “Five Binge-Worthy Shows

  1. TPB! My BF got me into Trailer Park Boys and I’m currently in the middle of the fifth season. This show is addictive. And totally more intelligently put together than I thought it was waaay back. Bubbles is the best.

    Think I need a Spaced rewatch. It’s been such a long time since I last saw it. Such a fantastic show – highly binge-watch-able!

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