Robotic Leggings

Whenever I have a hankering for Star Wars nylon, I look to the one place I can rely on to have some; Black Milk Clothing. Unfortunately, BM’s Star Wars line has finally come to an end to make way for new goodies *uncontrollable sobbing* and as excited as I am to see what stretchy goodness they will have in store for us, I’m a little miffed that I’m going to have to look to pastures new for my Star Wars fix.

Luckily, good old Poprageous has come to the rescue. They don’t ‘officially’ sell Star Wars merch – which comes across as a little cheeky to me, but it’s quite obvious that their ‘Robotic Leggings’ are modelled on a Stormtrooper, and the resemblance of their ‘Gold Robot Leggings’ to C3PO is uncanny. They even have some Bounty Hunter leggings available, and yes, they are a Boba Fett shade of green.

I do think it’s a bit odd that their new line isn’t officially licenced, but that doesn’t make me like them any less – their Post Battle Robotic Leggings are especially glorious, and I would totally rock the black robotic ensemble.

Now for the price tag; all of their leggings are ridiculously expensive at $80 a pop, but good quality nylon generally comes at a price. I’ve never purchased a pair of leggings from Poprageous before, so I can’t vouch for their comfort or quality, but I do own their rather fantabulous Pokemon dress which is a great fit and still going strong after obsessive wearing.

Check out the leggings below. Would you wear a pair? Which one’s are your favourites?


One thought on “Robotic Leggings

  1. I love the white robotic legs, too. The Star Wars collection by BlackMilk was my starting point of wearing leggings, so it’s good that somebody is producing more Star Wars themed fabrics 🙂

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