10 Geeky Sunglasses For The Summer

Summer is getting ever nearer, the skies are getting ever brighter, and my eyes are getting ever so slightly more damaged with the severe lack of sunglasses in my life; so this week I’ve been searching for the perfect pair. Etsy, being the glorious treasure trove that it is, seems to house the most fabulous, unique selection around. Here are my absolute favourites. Would you wear a pair of these bad boys?

Pikachu Sunglasses by ketchupize


Hello Kitty Sunglasses by SuicideBarbieBowtiqu

Adventure Time Sunglasses by InkHeartKicks

Nightmare Before Christmas Sunglasses by DecoroZapatillas

Avengers Sunglasses by PoppinCustom

Gryffindor Sunglasses by SnackPakGang

Superhero Sunglasses by DecoroZapatillas

Spider-Man Sunglasses by ketchupize

Doctor Who Sunglasses by PoppinCustom

Pixel Sunglasses by BubbleGumGraffiti

Batman / Joker Sunglasses by InkHeartKicks

Earth / Water Pokemon Sunglasses by DecoroZapatillas

Adventure Time Sunglasses by ketchupize

Stars and Shrooms Sunglasses by SnackPakGang

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