The Spider-Gwen Collection

I’m a sucker for superhero fashion. Most people shy away from wearing their heart on their sleeve, but mine’s filled with comic books and I like to have that on display whenever I can. That’s why I’m in love with We Love Fine’s latest collection. It’s based on one of Marvel’s newest additions, Spider-Gwen, and is unbelievably vibrant and stylish, just like the hero herself.

If you don’t know who Spider-Gwen is, she’s Gwen Stacy.. but not as we know her. She comes from an alternate universe, where she was the one who received superpowers from a radioactive spider’s bite, not Peter Parker. She attempts to juggle crime fighting with having a social life. She also has to battle with the trials and tribulations of being a teenage girl.

Gwen has a very fashionable, alternative style in day to day life, but it’s her costume that excites me. The colour combination of Pink, Black, White and turquoise got me hooked as soon as I saw it, and the fact that her whole outfit looked incredibly modern appealed to me even more. We Love Fine have used this exact theme to create a collection of everyday wear, from hoodies to leggings. There’s even a cardigan which is absolutely adorable, and the hooded top is a must have for the summer.

Prices currently range from $37.50 for leggings, to $48 for the cardi. There is also a huge selection of graphic t-shirts available for $25, though these would definitely not be my priority. You can pre-order everything from the collection online now.


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