Five Geeky Essentials For Your Gym Bag

I joined a gym at the beginning of the year to shape up for the holiday season, and have successfully managed to make the trip there around.. 4 times since January – I am the ultimate cliché. It’s not that I’m lazy, ok I am a little lazy, but I mainly put it down to the fact that there’s nothing to entice me to go. I don’t particularly care about getting into shape, and it’s rare that I have anyone to go with, so I usually just end up staying at home binge watching Netflix and eating cupcakes.

Well I decided enough was enough. I can’t keep paying for a gym membership I don’t use, but I’m no quitter either – and cancelling your gym membership sounds an awful lot like quitting to me – so I’ve devised a plan; buy awesome nerdy stuff to use at said gym. It sounds pretty materialistic, but I love having geeky things around me wherever I am, so why not the gym. Maybe that’s what my workout experience has been lacking. I can’t think of a place where I am more out of my comfort zone than at the gym, so why not take my comfort zone with me.

So without further ado, here are my geeky gym essentials for all those who need a little more fandom in their workout.

Thirst Extinguisher Water Bottle – It’s incredibly important to keep hydrated when doing any exercise, so I found the perfect water dispenser – your very own miniature Fire Extinguisher. It is the cutest water bottle I have ever seen and has a handy flip up mouth piece so you don’t need to fiddle around with bottle caps while you’re on the treadmill.

The Flash Nike Dunks – If you’re going to channel anyone during your workout, it might as well be the fastest man alive – well, fastest fictional man alive. And I guess the best way to do that is by wearing a little bit of Flash on your feet. Nike Dunks aren’t strangers to the gym, but I doubt you’ll come across any others that look as rad as these.

Don’t Panic Towel – ‘Towels are just about the most massively useful things any interstellar Hitchhiker can carry’ {Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy} so make sure you don’t leave yours at home. This particular towel was created as a tribute to author Douglas Adams, and has many purposes, though I expect mainly sweat related in this case.

Pokemon Gym Leader T-Shirt – Ok, so you’re not quite a Gym Leader yet, barely a gym attender, but if Ash can do it..! I love this t-shirt, it’s so appropriate for the gym experience. It’s also bold enough for fellow Pokemon fans to notice and give you a nod of approval, but subtle enough that the muggles out there won’t trip you up on the way to the water fountain for being such a nerd.

Baymax Earphones – There are loads of geeky headphones out there, but Baymax is my favourite, so that’s why I want his face to rest snuggly in my ear hole. The earphones also come with a little tiny Baymax to hold the wires together so it’s kind of like you have a gym buddy, only it’s not.

Harry Potter Duffle Bag – Is it bad that my Sport Idol is the Boy Who Lived? His skill on the Quidditch field is second to none, and as my favourite athlete, I feel like I need a little bit of him with me in the gym for support. This awesome duffle bag displays the Gryffindor colours, as well as Harry’s team number, 07, and various Hogwarts patches. It’s not too in your face but still looks awesome.

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