Harry Potter Sequel Confirmed

Harry Potter fans have been waiting for a sequel to The Deathly Hallows ever since the seventh book was released 8 years ago. Up to now, there had been no hint that the saga would continue, until J.K. Rowling herself recently announced via Twitter that she is helping to create a new story about The Boy Who Lived.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, as it will be known, will not be an 8th novel. Instead it will come to us in the form of a play that will premiere in London’s West End next Summer. Very little has been revealed about the plot, but Rowling has confirmed that the play will NOT be a prequel. This means that we may get a look at Harry’s life, after he defeated Voldemort.

The Cursed Child is being written by J.K. Rowling with the help of Jack Thorne. John Tiffany will direct the play, and Sonia Friedman is set to produce. Tickets will go on sale this Autumn, so if you’re interested in bagging yourself a ticket – details of which should be announced this Summer – you may want to keep your eyes as peeled as possible.

I doubt I’m the only person curious as to why Rowling is so set on The Cursed Child being a play rather than a book. She has stated that it is the only proper medium for the story, which intrigues me, but as dubious as I am, the announcement that Imogen Heap will be writing music for the play has gotten me a little more excited about the idea of a play.

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