Elder Scrolls Online DLC Pack Coming September

I’m a so addicted to ESO at the moment, that I’ve abandoned all hope of having a social life for the foreseeable future. It’s the biggest game I’ve ever played, and even though I’ve been exploring Tamriel almost every day since its release on Xbox One, I feel like I’ve hardly touched the surface. Now I’ve found out that a DLC pack is on the horizon. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME BETHESDA? Anyone know where I can buy suitable hermit attire?

The DLC pack, titled Imperial City, will be released on 31st August for the PC/Mac. Console users will have to wait a little longer though, as it won’t be available on Xbox One until 15th September – 16th September for Playstation 4. Gutted!! The pack will put you back 2,500 crowns, which is the equivalent of around £12/$20, but with the extras you get, it seems worth that.

So what DO you get? Well, there is a completely new zone called.. you guessed it, Imperial City, which is made up of six districts. The gameplay is a mixture of PvE and PvP, so it’s extra trecherous. There are three new dungeons. One is called the Imperial Sewers which will be a PVP dungeon, the other two are called White-Gold Tower, and Imperial City Prison; both PvE.

There will also be new quests with new characters, and new collectables such as costumes and pets will be available in the crown store. A new Racial Motif called Xivkyn will be available, and if you’re a veteran, then expect your chances of finding rare items to go up.
If you’re not intending on getting the DLC pack, don’t worry, you’ll still receive a few benefits. The patch will bring the Glass Racial Motif, as well as 100% more XP gain in dungeons and 50% more XP gain for completing Vetran quests. The Vetran Rank will also be increased to 16.

There’s some other stuff as well, but these are the things I’m most excited about. Check out The official Elder Scrolls site for a more detailed look at what’s to come.

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