Five Geeky Essentials For Your Comic Con Bag

San Diego Comic Con was last week, and even though I was stuck in stupid England while the masses swarmed into pop culture paradise, I have a few British Cons on the horizon to keep my mind off curling up into a sobbing ball missing SDCC.

One of the most important things about going to any Con, apart from having ALL the fun, is being as prepared as possible. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to take something that I’m desperately needed. It doesn’t ruin your experience, because let’s face it, you’re at Comic Con, but it’s definitely a spanner in the works. So check out these geeky Con essentials. Are you prepared for Con season? What would be on your essentials list?


IMG_3036Harry Potter Lanyard – Lanyard’s aren’t necessary for a Con, but they make life so much easier. They can store your ticket and timetables for easy access, and if you’re ever in a situation where it is imperative that you buy something immediately, you can keep some cash in there too. I love the Harry Potter lanyards from Hot Topic – showing off the house colours in style. Just make sure you actually remember your ticket.

IMG_3037Batman Wallet – If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to buy ALL the things. It’s rare that I go to a con and spend less than £100 on various bits and bobs, so a safe but interesting place to store all my cash is important. You’ll probably be grabbing it out of your bag more than anything else, so make sure it’s easy to spot. This Batman wallet from SuperHeroStuff is my personal favourite. It may be black, but it’s large and has cute little ears; it won’t be hard to find.

IMG_3038Lightsaber Portable Charger – Keeping your phone topped up with juice is imperative. Not only can you use it to take photos of celebrities, cosplay outfits, and displays, but you can also keep up to date with social media to find out where all the free stuff is, and text friends to apologise for running off in search of Nathan Fillion. This portable charger from Think Geek is perfect. It’s modelled on a lightsaber so looks absolutely awesome, but is also small enough to fit in your pocket.

IMG_3039Mini Sharpies – One of the best things about going to Comic Con is getting to see some of your idols. Whether that’s a star from your favourite show, or the author of a comic you love, the sharpie is a necessity allowing you to quickly nab an autograph or two. I love this mini pack of four. Each has a metal loop so that you can attach it to anything; assuring one is always to hand.

IMG_3040Hello Kitty Sewing Kit – It’s not mandatory to wear cosplay to a con, but I find it always makes the experience that bit more exciting – especially when people ask to take a photo with you. It’s like you’re a celebratory, only totally not. The only problem is that most cosplay outfits are handmade and therefore incredibly delicate, so I like to carry a sewing kit around with me. This Hello Kitty kit is the cutest one I’ve even seen. It’s small as well so won’t take up too much room. Just make sure you have the right colour thread. Derr.

IMG_3086Rocket Raccoon Rucksack – Well you can’t carry all this awesome nerdy stuff around in your hands can you; you’ll need a rucksack. I love this Rocket Raccoon bag from Amazon. It’s adorable, and will double up as a last minute Rocket costume if you’ve left it too late to organise a cosplay outfit. It’s also large enough to store all your Comic Con buys. Gosh that tail is cute.

6 thoughts on “Five Geeky Essentials For Your Comic Con Bag

  1. Eek, I love that Rocket Raccoon rucksack! So freakin cute. And the portable charger is a really good idea! Definitely seems like an essential for any con.

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