Fifth Element Pop! Vinyls

I always struggle when asked what my top 5 favourite movies are, but you can guarantee that The Fifth Element is usually up there.

It’s the epitome of everything I look for in a film; well-developed characters, mind-bogglingly (If that’s even a word) futuristic technology, and tongue in cheek humour. It’s visually stunning and endearing and deep and exciting and if you haven’t heard enough I could go on, but I want to bring these freaking awesome Pop! Vinyl’s to your attention.

Funko’s last lot of Fifth Element figures were a little bit of a disappointment. They were part of the ReAction line, but looked more Uh-oh than Retro. This new set of Pop! Vinyl’s however, look AHMAZING!

They feature Corban Dallas, Ruby Rhod, Zorg, Mangalore, Diva Plavalaguna, and Leeloo in her two iconic outfits. The Pops won’t be released until October, but you can already pre-order them from Forbidden Planet.

I’m so happy they added Diva to their line, she looks stunning, and I love that Leeloo is holding her Multipass! Ruby Rhod is by far my favourite though, he’s the perfect replica of his film counterpart. Will you be adding any of these to your Funko collection?


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