Inside Out Everyday Cosplay


Pixar’s Inside Out was an instant hit with me. It was an easy film to connect with because all the characters were so relatable, plus it was so much fun to watch, but still managed to break you down – an emotional roller coaster if you will.

The film revolves around the life of11 year old Riley, but it’s the emotions in her head I want to take a closer look at. Disgust, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Joy are personified feelings that guide Riley through a big change in her life. Each character is obviously very unique, and I think you’ll be able to guess their characteristics from their names. I love that every emotion has been designed to reflect these characteristics, and I adore their little outfits, so have decided to create an everyday cosplay for each of them. Check out my interpretation of their outfits below if you fancy stealing their style.


Disgust’s Everyday Cosplay combines a Green Dress with a purple scarf and purple pumps. Her green skin led me to add a cardigan and satchel bag of the same shade. Her purple lips are one of her prominent features so I couldn’t resist adding this Mac lipstick in Lavender.


Sadness’ Everyday Cosplay cosists of blue jeans and a grey jumper. She wears slippers in the movie, so I added blue vans because they’re just as comfy. I also added some purple glasses. Sadness spends a lot of time under her own cloud of misery, so I accessorised her outfit with a raincloud necklace, but balanced that out with this blue bag because she has a heart of gold.


Fear’s Everyday Cosplay is made up of dark blue jeans, a blue and white pinstripe shirt, and a houndstooth jacket – ain’t nobody got time for a sweater vest. I added a raspberry hair bow and some pumps to colour coordinate. Finally, I pIcked this purple bag because it was the same shade as Fears skin.


Anger’s Everyday Cosplay combines a brown skirt with brown boots, and a cream shirt. He has red skin, so I also added a red jacket and a red bag. Because of his explosive personality, I finished the outfit off with a necklace full of flames, and some earrings that look like little balls of fire.


Joy’s Everyday Cosplay consists of a pale yellow dress, a blue cardigan, and some blue flats. Her happy personality led me to add this awesome smiley face bag and some blue flowered earings. Finally, I wanted to add a sunshine necklace to signify that she is the opposite of Sadness – who has a cloud – but that you don’t get one without the other (well, not in England anyway)

Personally, my favourite Everyday Cosplay is Disgust. It’s got a very fun rockerbilly vibe about it, though Sadness is probably more my style and one I would actually wear day to day. Which is your favourite? Could you see yourself wearing one of these outfits?

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