Doctor Who Spin-off coming in 2016


The BBC have announced that a Doctor Who spin-off is in the works. The 8 part series, titled Class, will be written by author Patrick Ness, and targets a younger audience. Ness is famous for his Young Adult Fiction. His 2011 novel titled A Monster Calls has won various awards and is even being adapted for film – so it sounds like the show is in good hands.

Class will be set in contemporary London, at the fictional Coal Hill School in Shoreditch. Coal Hill has popped up multiple times in the Doctor Who series. It originally appeared in the 1963 episode An Unearthly Child, but has more recently been the school in which companion Clara Oswald works as an English teacher.

Little is currently known about the plot, but we’ve been told to expect new villains and aliens. Steven Moffat will act as an Executive Producer for the series.

4 thoughts on “Doctor Who Spin-off coming in 2016

    • I know what you mean, so I figure I’ll just keep my expectations low then I can’t get too mad when it doesn’t go great!

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