An Avengers Rainbow


The Avengers are huge at the moment, so it will come as no surprise to hear that artists everywhere are getting their ‘fanart’ on. I’ve seen all sorts of artwork based on the Marvel super team, one of my favourite being these Avenger Puppet Posters, but move over Andrew Kolb, I have a new favourite now.

Van Orton Designs have managed to create what I can only describe as an Avengers Rainbow. The collection, comprised of Iron Man, Hulk, Ultron, Captain America and Thor, is so psychedelic and colourful that it feels like I’ve gone to some crazy unicorn rave and swallowed a load of neon sherbet.

No but seriously, these posters are amazing. They give off a pop art vibe, and each combine various textures and colours to produce an image that stands out and excites. I’m a little sad they didn’t include Black Widow or Hawkeye, but love this style, and can’t wait to see what the team comes up with next. You can check out more of their designs here.


2 thoughts on “An Avengers Rainbow

  1. These are so awesome! Love all of the colors – what a cool take on the Avengers.

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