Wee Little Stitches


Whilst having one of my ‘find all the awesome stuff on Etsy’ sessions, I came across a little online store called Weelittlestitches who create little cross stitched works of art. Using a needle and thread has never been something I’ve been particularly good at, so I was instantly impressed that someone had the patience.

I then noticed the nature of the art work and fell in love. Are these not the cutest nerdy pictures ever? Jacqueline and her husband have created images of loads of my favourite fandoms; Star Wars, TMNT, Game of Thrones, Sailor Moon. I kind of just want one of everything. In fact, I want a quilt made out of all of them. Someone make me a quilt?

il_fullxfull.423108897_2ppc il_fullxfull.345653869 il_fullxfull.212954998 il_fullxfull.198428351il_fullxfull.231788591 il_fullxfull.231784385 il_fullxfull.231776810il_fullxfull.208451217 il_fullxfull.211559953

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