Badass Ghostbusters Posters Released

How badly do you wish you were a Ghostbuster right now? Seriously. These character posters, released yesterday by director Paul Feig, look insanely badass. They are perfect. Designed to focus on the iconic gadgets and gear that we’ve grown to love, these black and white posters with pops of colour are some of the best I’ve seen this year. I am so in love.

If you’re unsure who’s who; Kristen Wigg (playing Particle Physicist Erin Gilbert) is showing off the Ghostbuster logo, Melissa McCarthy (playing paranormal researcher Abby Yates) is aiming the nozzle, Leslie Jones (playing Ghost tracker Patty Tolan) is holding the ghost trap, and Kate McKinnon (playing Nuclear Engineer Jillian Holtzmann) is sporting the rather fetching, newly upgraded proton pack.

I am slowly getting more and more excited for this film. Are any of you guys looking forward to it as well? What do you think of the posters?


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