Firefly Collection

If the untimely demise of Joss Whedon’s firefly series was something that left a sour taste in your mouth for years and years to come, then you’re probably the kind of person who likes to get a Firefly fix however you can – in which case, check out Living Dead’s new collection. I promise it will keep you ticking over for a few days.

Featuring a selection of leggings, jerseys, and skater dresses, this diverse collection holds some of the greatest Firefly merch I’ve ever seen. Some of my favourite pieces include the Zoe and Mal skaters that look exactly like the outfits they wear on Serenity, and the Reaver and Blue Sun tops. There’s even a replica of one of Inara’s kimono’s, and a skater based on Kaylee’s cupcake dress.

The pieces range from $75 to $95, so not cheap, but I’m yet to see anything like this collection anywhere else. It’s amazing. So what do you guys think? Which item’s your favourite? 


One thought on “Firefly Collection

  1. Oh I love the dresses – will definitely have to get one at some point 🙂

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