First Look at Doctor Strange

I’m going to admit this straight away – I know very little about Doctor Strange. I’ve never read a comic purely about the Sorcerer Supreme. I’ve only ever come across him in Avenger or X-Men graphic novels, where he’s rarely the main focus.

It’s evident to me that Strange is powerful and incredibly important to the Marvel Universe, but when I first heard that there was going to be a movie about him, I wasn’t all that intrigued – until I found out Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as the main man himself. Yes, I’m admitting it now, Benedict’s involvement definitely peaked my interest. I still couldn’t say I was excited though.

That was until I saw these photos – our first glimpse of Mr Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange. He looks perfect, and may I add, wears a beard very well. You get to peek at what looks like his lab, along with some concept artwork showing Strange in hospital – probably in recovery from the crash that leads to him gaining powers.

The movie will not be released until 4th November later this year, so that’s plenty of time to brush up on some Doctor Strange knowledge. Are any of you excited for the film? Or are you a bit oblivious like myself? 


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