Batman v Superman Pop! Vinyls

The one movie I’ve been looking forward to watching in 2016, above any other, is Batman v Superman. I don’t think it will be the greatest movie in the world, but I LOVE Batman and everything he stands for, so no matter what the movie is like, I HAVE to watch it, and I already know I’ll love it.

I’m preparing my pockets for the inevitably huge array of merchandise coming to tie in with the film, and already know what my first purchase will be – a new Batman Pop! Vinyl to add to my collection. Funko have just released images of their Batman v Superman Pop! Vinyl collection, and they are perfect.

The collection includes Batman, Knightmare Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman, and a Superman Soldier. Knightmare Batman has gone straight to the top of my want list. He looks steampunkly badass with his clenched fists, trench coat and goggles. I’m also in love with their Aquaman. The detail on this pop is incredible; all of his tattoos are there. Funko have even added Jason Mamoa’s iconic missing chunk of eyebrow.

I can’t find a specific date detailing when they will be available, but January 2016 is listed so I expect soon. You can pre-order now from Entertainment Earth.


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