Michael Cho Variant Covers

Phwoah! I just came across these Marvel comic cover variants created by Michael Cho and went a little weak at the knees. He has drawn illustrations for over 20 different issues, including Daredevil, Vision, Spider-Gwen, and The Mighty Thor, and they’re all due for release next February.

The graphics are stunningly vibrant; blocks of colour pop from the page, with thick black outlines and shadows contrasting amazingly with the lighter colours. They are insanely eye catching – Uncanny Inhumans and Thor being my favourite. 

Which cover do you guys like the most? Will you be picking one up next month? I’m thinking about pre-ordering every single one to make a collage to cover my bedroom wall – how awesome would that look!


2 thoughts on “Michael Cho Variant Covers

    • They’re lovely aren’t they. I seriously am tempted to go out and buy a load, even though I’ve never read any of the previous Inhumans, and am not up to date with Spider-Man at all..

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