New Planet Discovered in our Solar System

Guys, how do you remember the planets!? I’ve always been partial to a little noodle action myself ‘My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Noodles’. It used to be Noodle Pudding – not that I even know what that means – but that was before Pluto became estranged from the Planet family. So long old friend! 

Pluto must be sat there seething right now, because scientists might have just discovered a new sphere on the edge of our Solar System, and he’s getting bumped up to Planet status, which will mean we’ll have nine planets again! 

The planet itself is larger than earth, about three times its size. Its gaseous structure makes it similar to Uranus and Neptune, but not quite as big. And it lies beyond Pluto, between 600 and 1200 times farther away from Earth. 

There’s a surprisingly large amount of information about it considering it hasn’t actually been seen yet. You can find out more here because, well, the terminology’s a little too over my head to start explaining everything to you. I just want to sit here thinking about names. So far I’m feeling Severus, after the late Alan Rickman. Or Bowie. Bowie’s a good name. What would you want it to be called? 

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