Meet Cute by Nan Lawson


Did you guys have a nice Valentine’s Day? I hope you all managed to do something special with your loved ones – if that included going to see Deadpool, you definitely did Saint Valentine proud.

Seen as love is still fresh on everyone’s mind, I thought I’d show you this lovely collection of prints created by Nan Lawson. The series is called ‘Meet Cute’ and depicts iconic couples from an array of different pop culture franchises, stood back to back with dewy faces and wide eyes.

Hearing the term Meet Cute automatically reminds me of that scene in The Holiday where adorable Arthur explains what it means; “It’s how two characters meet in a movie. Say a man and a woman both need something to sleep in, and they both go to the same men’s pajama department. And the man says to the salesman: ‘I just need bottoms’. The woman says: ‘I just need a top’. They look at each other, and that’s the meet cute”

Lawson’s interpretation of this is definitely on point. Even though the couples aren’t face to face, there’s something incredibly romantic about their back to back stance, and the way they seem to merge into each other as if they were slowly becoming one.

She’s managed to include tonnes of my favourite couples; The Doctor and Rose, Scott and Ramona, Zoe and Wash, Captain America and Peggy. She’s even drawn Jareth and Sarah from the Labyrinth which just looks so exquisite. Were any of your favourite couples included? What did you think of Lawson’s artwork?


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