Gotta Catch Em All

I’ve been in love with Hard Times Clothing ever since stumbling across their online store. Their designs gave off a ‘tattoo’ vibe which, at the time, was quite original. One of their latest collection strays away from that style, and yet, is my favourite to date – why? Pokemon that’s why.

So the line isn’t actually labelled Pokemon, probably for legal reasons or something similar, but when you see it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Fire Dragon. Grass Lizard. Water Turtle. Yeah, we all know that’s code for Charizard, Venasaur and Blastoise. The designs are basically ‘what would Pokemon look like if they were real’ and the answer is ‘terrifying’.

Each shirt is £24.99 and range from size small to XXL. I’m a little in love with ‘Water Turtle’ more than any of the others because Squirtle was the one, and turtles in general are just awesome. Which one do you prefer?


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