The Shannara Chronicles Everyday Cosplay

After a bit of a lengthy hiatus, I figured it was about time I got back into blogging, and thought what better way than with an Everyday Cosplay – just in time for Halloween. These outfits are inspired by the four main characters from The Shannara Chronicles – a new series I recently watched, and surprisingly enjoyed.

wil-ohmsford-everyday-cosplay-shannara-chroniclesGrey Jacket | Turquoise Hoodie | Brown Jeans | Grey Boots | Grey Beanie | Brown Rucksack | Brown Gloves | Brown Cuff | Turquoise Ring | Turquoise Necklace | Brown Bracelet

eretria-everyday-cosplay-shannara-chroniclesBrown Jacket | Brown Hoodie | Grey Jeans | Dark Brown Boots | Brown Satchel Bag | Dagger Necklace | Brown Fur Gloves | Brown Cuff | Wolf Skull Necklace | Brown Bracelet

allanon-everyday-cosplay-shannara-chroniclesLong Grey Cardigan | Grey Vest Top | Dark Brown Trousers | Brown Boots | Silver Druid Ring | Black Gloves | Brown CuffRune Ring | Celtic Sun Necklace | Brown Cuff

amberle-everyday-cosplay-shannara-chroniclesBlack Draped Cardigan | Brown Corset | Red Leather Trousers | Black Boots | Silver Elf Ears | Tree of Life Necklace | Black Gloves | Red BraceletRaven Ring | Silver Cuff | Crows Feet Bracelet

My favourite outfit is Wil’s because the teal on grey colour combo is something I am all about right now, but I’m also pretty obsessed with Eretria’s because it’s perfect for Autumn. Which one is your favourite? Have you seen The Shannara Chronicles yet? What did you think?

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