Star Wars Celebration Pop! Vinyls

For those lucky enough to attend Orlando’s Star Wars Celebration next month – you’re in for a surprise from Funko.

Funko, who have just announced their new line of Pop Vinyls. The collection includes characters from the original trilogy, as well as the prequels AND Force Awakens. There are even a couple from Star Wars Rebels – Grand Admiral Thrawn being my favourite.

There will be 12 exclusives in total, including Hoth Princess Leia, Hooded Luke, and Han Solo. There will also be a holographic Qui Gon Jinn – which looks fricking awesome – and a Rey figure that comes with her very own Speeder.

Unfortunately, as exclusives, most of these will only be available at the event, so if you know someone who’s going, get them to grab your favourites – and pick up a few for me yeah? Alternatively, wait until May when a few of the figures are rumoured to hit stores such as Target and Hot Topic.

Check the whole collection out below:

What do you think of Funko’s new figures? Which one’s your favourite? Will you be adding any to your wish list? 

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