Justice League Teasers

Get ready guys – DC are releasing the first theatrical trailer for the upcoming Justice League movie later today. Who else is stoked? I’m probably one of the few people who prefer DC to Marvel, and even though Batman V Superman didn’t quite meet my expectations, I’m still super excited to see the whole team together in one movie.

To tide us over, Warner Bros have kindly offered up some teasers for each of the main characters. That includes Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Cyborg – there isn’t one for Superman as of yet.

Check them all out below, along with some character posters. Who are you looking forward to seeing the most?


Here we get a quick peak at Arthur Curry, aka. Aquaman – played by Jason Momoa. The teaser shows snippets of Aquaman facing waves, being handed the Trident of Neptune, and most excitedly, using the trident – which is a magical weapon that gives its wielder divine power over the sea. There’s also a rather dramatic shot of the whole team, minus Superman.


We already got quite familiar with Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne in Batman V Superman, so this teaser isn’t really showing us anything new. We do however get a quick look at the parademons – those flying human wasp things from BvS – as the Batmobile blasts them from the sky. It seems we’ll be finding out a little bit more about these creatures in Justice League.


Ezra Miller plays Barry Allen in this teaser. The best thing by far is getting to see The Flash show off his lightning bolt speed, but we also get a close up of his costume whilst he prepares for battle, and a glimpse of a casual looking Allen in his apartment. We got quite a good look at The Flash in Suicide Squad last year but it’s still nice to see more of him.


This was the longest teaser out of all of them. At first we see Diana Prince examining a massive statue, we then catch a glimpse of her entering a hanger holding a huge carrier – presumably the Flying Fox. In the third snippet, Gal Gadot is dressed in her Wonder Woman garb, and finally we see her protecting herself from some sort of blast with her cuffs. I cannot wait for the Wonder Woman movie.


I probably know least about Cyborg out of all the Justice League members, so this teaser has been the most exciting one for me. Ray Fisher plays Cyborg in this clip, where we get to see him before and after the accident that turns him into alter ego Cyborg – who looks incredible. Check out those arm cannons. He literally blasts a piece of falling building to smithereens.

13 thoughts on “Justice League Teasers

  1. I think both DC and Marvel are doing great in the TV show department … however, the movie department? I couldn’t even finish Batman vs. Superman. =/

    I really hope this movie doesn’t … just suck. =/

  2. I hadn’t seen the Flash, Aquaman or Cyborg trailers before, so this is appreciated. Truthfully, I am most keen to see Aquaman, as I think he is sometimes undervalued as simply the water guy (he is arguably as strong/fast as a kryptonian, at least when swimming). Jason Momoa was an interesting choice as Aquaman is normally of white descent, but his character is predicated on it, so I don’t see it being a problem. I hope DC do Justice League well. I think they realised that they were caught flat footed by Marvel Cinematic Universe and are playing catchup. I wasn’t keen on Dawn of Justice as I thought they took an interesting story concept, made it silly and sledgehammered a JLA trailer into (out of?) it Suicide Squad was also a bit week, the final villain was not great, but I think its biggest failing was not establishing the characters as villains properly first (Suicide Squad is something you do in stage 2 when all the villains have had an outing is my view). For me, I now the JLA characters and I liked Ben Afflec as Batman, I liked Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and I enjoyed Man of Steel – so I have high hopes.

    • I completely agree. Marvel have far surpassed DC in the cinematic world so they do need to catch up a bit. I feel like they take themselves a little too seriously – hopefully they can have a little more fun with Justice League. They have double comic relief in The Flash and Aquaman, who should balance out the seriousness of some of the other characters.

        • What, I could totally see Jason Mamoa singing that, haha. Though I’m not certain they’ll be going down that particular route. It feels like they’re almost creating a replica Thor – someone who doesn’t quite understand humans as much as everyone else.

          • ah, yes, I get you now! And I can see him in that style of role very easily. Good thinking. I will be disappointed if they don’t have a rousing song of heroism, though!

    • I must admit I’m a little worried about The Flash too. I really like Ezra Miller, but I’ve grown so fond of the TV series that it’s going to be difficult watching someone else as Flash

    • After seeing the full trailer, I’d be inclined to agree. He looks like he’s going to be a lot of fun to watch, and I really like Jason Momoa

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