American Gods Character Posters

The American Gods premiere date is inching ever closer, with a mere month to go until we get to see Bryan Fullers adaption of Neil Gaiman’s bestselling novel – WAH.. so much excitement!

To tide us over, the kind people of Starz have released a series of character posters – and they are stunning. Seriously.

The colourful posters depict 10 of the main characters from the show, including front runners Shadow Moon, played by Ricky Whittle, and Mr Wednesday played by the legendary Ian McShane.

Unfortunately there isn’t a poster for Gillian Anderson, who will play shape shifting god Media. I cannot wait to see what iconic forms she will take in the show. Can the 30th April hurry up please!? 

Check out the posters below. Will you be watching American Gods when it airs? Which god are you looking forward to seeing the most?

One thought on “American Gods Character Posters

  1. Ugh, SO EXCITED for this and these posters make the wait even more unbearable, haha! I can’t wait to see Kristin Chenowith as Easter, and Ian McShane looks so perfect as Wednesday….actually, everyone looks completely perfect ❤️❤️❤️

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