Invader Zim Returns With New TV Movie

It’s been over 10 years since Invader Zim’s short run on Nickelodeon came to an end. Since then it’s become quite the cult classic, so I’m not surprised to hear that they are bringing him back – even if it is just for 90 minute run on TV.

For those of you who have never seen Invader Zim, and who I can only presume had the worst possible childhood, I’ll give you a quick summary of the original series..

Zim, an alien from the Irken Empire, is given a mission to collect intelligence from Earth with the help of GIR – an information retrieval unit / robotic dog. He spends most of his time making plans of world domination, whilst attempting to avoid rousing the suspicion of Dib, a classmate at the school he infiltrated, who is on to him.

According to Nickelodeon, Richard Horvitz will return as Zim, with Rikki Simmons voicing GIR and Andy Berman voicing Dib. It’s also been confirmed that Melissa Fahn will return as Gaz – Dib’s cynical sister. Oh, and don’t forget series creator Jhonen Vasquez, who is on board as well.

The feature film currently has no release date, but a teaser has already been released so we are guessing ‘soon-ish’- though don’t expect anything until after the proposed Hey Arnold movie has hit the small screen. Yes, you heard me, Hey Arnold is apparently coming back as well. Is anyone else experiencing a slight nostalgic heart attack right now?

What do you think of Invader Zim’s return? Are you a fan of the show? What are you expecting from the TV movie

“People of Earth, did you really think you’d seen the last of me? Don’t you know an invader never stops until their mission is complete. I’ve been watching you, waiting, and soon your world will be mine.”

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