Take a Walk in The Forbidden Forest

Warner Bro’s Harry Potter Studio Tour opened the doors to it’s newest expansion last Friday, and have released a sneak peak for those who haven’t got tickets yet – or those who stupidly went a few weeks before the opening like I did.

The Forbidden Forest attraction will feature 12 foot trees and an abundance of magical creatures from the Harry Potter movies, including Aragog the Acromentula, and Buckbeak the Hipogriff. You will be welcomed through the Hogwarts gates by Hagrid – lantern in hand, and get the opportunity to weave under gnarled roots and braches.

Learn about the mechanics behind the Whomping Willow, how long it took to add each feather to buckbeacks body, and how long Aragog’s legs really are. Oh, and if you’re scared of spiders like Ron, don’t worry – there is a spider free route you can take. But you’re a wizard right – just blast them with the Lumos spell and run.

Are you excited to enter the Forbidden Forest? If you’ve already been, I’d love to hear what you thought. If you haven’t, you can buy tickets here.

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