Join the Night’s Watch

The Game of Throne’s season 7 premiere is still two months away – excruciating isn’t it? On the plus side, that gives you plenty of time to re-watch last season – whilst sobbing as you mumble ‘Hold the Door’ at the television screen.

It also gives you time to apply for a ticket to Sky’s pop-up training camp later this month, where you will be able to watch demonstrations from the stunt team behind Game of Thrones, and become a true member of the Nights Watch.

You will learn skills like archery, sword fighting, and even raven handling – very handy if you ever find yourself in need of a maester.

The event will be held at the Tower of London, on 20th May. You can apply for a balloted ticket, as long as you swear to take no wife, hold no lands, father no children, wear no crowns, win no glory, and live and die at your post.

Just kidding.

You just need to click on this link, and unofficially join the Night’s Watch. You could even be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets to attend the US premiere of Season 7.

Good luck guys!

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