Geek Picks of the Week

Star Lord T-Shirt | If you’ve seen the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, you’ll have noticed that Star Lord is rocking a new Tshirt. It’s pretty hard to miss – containing Chris Pratt’s rippling muscles and all. At first I thought it said something like Yeah Baby, but apparently it reads Gears Shift, so if you have some of your own gears to shift, Redbubble have created a pretty accurate version of this already iconic tee. And if you want a long sleeved version, you can find it here.

Anne of Green Gables Print | Have you watched Netflix’s new series Anne with an ‘E’ yet? If you have, chances are you fell for Anne Shirley just as I did. She’s enchanting, and manages to see the beauty in just about everything. That’s why I love this print created by Letter Wright. It’s stunning, full of life and colour, resonating Anne’s personality to a tee. The quote is one of my favourites too – ‘Dear old world, she murmured, you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you’.

Woody Door Stop | I knew I had to share this door stop as soon as I saw it on Instagram – it’s looks like so much fun. Toy Story is a timeless movie – one that I don’t seem to think about a lot these days – but it will always hold a special place in my heart as the first film I saw at the cinema. Getting his hat stuck under the door is such a Woody thing to do. You can find more info about the stop here.

Steven Universe Jewelry Set | Steven Universe is a fandom I’ve only gotten into recently, but even though I’m a mere 10 episodes in, I already know it’s going to be a favourite of mine. These acrylic miniatures created by We’re all Mad Here are amazing – depicting Rose Quartz’s sword and Lion, they’re just what I need to start an unhealthy obsession. So much pink!

3 thoughts on “Geek Picks of the Week

  1. That door stop is so cute! And man, I keep hearing about Steven Universe but never thought to check it out. I guess it’s about time to binge through that one too! I only recently got into Rick and Morty and I’ve been hearing good things about it for years. Guess I should take show recommendations more seriously:P

    • Definitely do – it’s such an obscure, magical show, and it’s packed with cute songs as well.

      I’ve only just started Rick and Morty too – I saw it on netflix and thought it was time to binge. Still not sure how I feel about it to be honest.

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