Five New Comics Hitting the Shelves This Week

Jimmy’s Bastards

Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Russell Braun
Publisher: After Shock Comics

Jimmy Regent, Britain’s number one super-spy, has got it all: intrigue, adventure, a license to shoot whoever he likes and beautiful women falling at his feet. He also has a new partner who isn’t quite as impressed by Jimmy as all other women appear to be. Now, there’s a price to pay for Jimmy’s multiple romantic conquests – the results of which are about to come calling in the worst possible way…

If you watched the first season of Preacher, you may be familiar with Garth Ennis, who wrote the graphic novel the show is based on. Well Ennis is back with a brand new comic, only this one is based on a spy rather than a priest. Picture James Bond – behind the scenes, as Jimmy’s Bastards revels how living the life of a spy can come with some worrying consequences.


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

: David Marquez

: Marvel

Daredevil! Luke Cage! Jessica Jones! Iron Fist! Individually, these four heroes have been on the front lines of the battle to keep the streets of the city safe and secure! But now, with a deadly enemy from the dim past making a major move to unite the underworld, they will need to become more – they will need to become DEFENDERS!

With the Defenders TV series debuting in August, this comic has come in the neck of time for those wanting to learn a little bit more about the team. Based in the same gritty world and written by comic royalty, Brian Michael Bendis, – who is more than familiar with these characters – Defenders is a must read this week. Expect to see the likes of Black Cat and Kingpin making an appearance as well.

Briggs Land Lone Wolves

Writer: Brian Wood

: Mack Chater

: Dark Horse

Isaac Briggs, fresh off a tour in Afghanistan and struggling to reintegrate, finds solace hiking the old forest trails. When two random backpackers wander onto the Land, an innocent situation quickly turns dangerous and Isaac’s military training takes a turn down a dark path. Welcome to Briggs Land, nearly a hundred square miles of rural wilderness, representing the largest anti-government secessionist movement in the United States.

Already in development for a TV series on AMC, Biggs Land is an incredibly topical comic, focusing on issues such as religious extremism, domestic terror, and ultra-nationalism, and with a large cast of characters, it’s going to be hard not to find someone to relate to. If you’re looking to get familiar with the characters before they hit the little screen, it’s a must read.

Secret Empire: United

Writer: Jim Zub

: Ario Anindito

: Marvel

Steve Rogers has finally brought peace to the planet, securing the borders of the land that he loves against any and all threats. And his peace will be maintained-by any means necessary. So when skirmishes break out on the outskirts of mutant-controlled territory, Hydra’s supreme leader takes matters into his own hands…

Marvel Comics have released another upcoming Secret Empire tie-in; a super-powered thriller where the Avengers, X-Men and Hydra battle it out to find their place in the new world. This is a Marvel I’m not used to, where everyone seems to be on edge. It will be interesting to see which mutants pop up, though we can expect to see Archangel, Magik and Sebastian Shaw.

Dark Days: The Forge

Writer: Scott Snyder, James Tynion

: Jim Lee, Andy Kubert, John Romita Jr.

: DC Comics

Aquaman, The Flash and more of DC’s pantheon of heroes suspect Batman of hiding a dark secret that could threaten the very existence of the multiverse! It’s an epic that will span generations-but how does it connect to the origins of one of DC’s most legendary heroes?

The great comics event of summer 2017 is about to begin, courtesy of superstar writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion, along with a master class of artists. Dark days is probably worth reading on talent alone, but with the promise of huge revelations about the past, present and future of the cosmology of DC, this will definitely not be a comic you’ll want to miss out on.

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