Superhero Tan Lines

Superhero Tan Lines

Today marks the first official day of Summer, and the longest day of the year, so make sure you wear plenty of sun cream, or you’ll end up like these iconic DC superheroes – can you guess which one is which?

See Mike Draws shows us what happens when you wear your costume out in the sun – though I can’t imagine Batman or Robin get too many tan lines since they mainly fight crime at night.

3 thoughts on “Superhero Tan Lines

  1. This is such a funny idea, good work! Though am inclined t agree that the chances of Batman or Robin/Nightwing getting tan lines are about as high as Iron Man, or Ghost Rider…

      • Ghost Rider has an advantage. It is impossible for him to get sunscreen in his eye. Take it from someone who knows, that stuff takes ages to wear off and stings like you wouldn’t believe!

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