Watchmen TV Series in the Works

Watchmen TV Series in the Works

Ok, so it’s not technically set in stone yet, but the co-creator of Lost and The Leftovers – David Lindelof – is in talks with HBO for a potential Watchmen series, based on the epic Graphic Novel by Alan Moore.

The project is in really early stages at the moment, but Lindelof is super keen to be a part of it, regularly stating that he used to read the comics as a child, and that they continue to influence his work.

Lindelof is no stranger to HBO either. His current series, The Leftovers – which is an adaption of Tom Perotta’s novel with the same name, has recently premiered its third and final season, gaining unanimous acclaim from critics.

As a huge fan of both Moore’s graphic novel, and Zack Snyder’s 2009 movie adaption, I’m incredibly excited to see what comes of this. What do you think of a Watchmen reboot? Would you watch it?

2 thoughts on “Watchmen TV Series in the Works

  1. I love the graphic novel, and the movie. In some respects, the movie ending is actually better. Not sure how you would do a series, unless it was a one series gig. or if it was a prequel series, perhaps starting with the Minutemen, and the Ozymandias reunion group with Doc Manhattan. Would be interesting to see what themes they’d focus on. The original was so heavily layered in American Identity and the American dream, I wonder if they’d keep that.

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