Aladdin Pop! Vinyls

With the announcement that a live action Aladdin movie will be hitting screens in 2019, it was only a matter of time before Funko announced that the next Disney movie to get the Pop! Vinyl treatment was going to be its animated predecessor.

The collection – which is long overdue – includes Aladdin, his partner in crime Abu, Princess Jasmine in her slave outfit, Rajah the tiger, and Jafar in genie form. There’s also a jafar variant which is glow in the dark.

These aren’t the first Aladdin Pop Vinyls to grace Funko’s shelves. Princess Jasmine, along with the genie, and jafar in human form, have already been released prior to this new collection. You can also get a hipster version of Jasmine.

I’m personally loving Rajah, and I think the Jafar genie would make a great addition to my Funko collection – he looks really detailed. Am a little disappointed with Abu however. He’s just not cute enough.

What do you think of Funko’s latest Pop Vinyl’s? You can purchase them all here.

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